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Our Values

Here at Thrive, we are not shy about where we stand when it comes to others. People are at the heart of what we do and we want to make it very clear how we feel about them.

All people groups deserve to be loved and celebrated. Though, some groups in the US have received particularly poor treatment by society. We are reserving space to give them the love and celebration that they deserve. Here are some of the groups and causes we are committed to uplifting. Our Therapy Practice is a safe space for these persons.

Image by Clay Banks

anti racism

Our clinicians at Thrive Therapy are committed to Anti-Racism and we actively welcome constructive conversations regarding race both inside and outside the therapy office. We strive to be respectful and edifying toward all cultures, acknowledging the nuances and differences among us are part of what makes life so rich. 

lgbtq+ equality

Our Clinicians at Thrive Therapy fully embrace you as you are and do not want you to change. We believe that all sexualities and identities are worthy of love, respect and belonging. We actively advocate for equal rights + respect for the LGBTQ community on a micro and macro level. 

Image by Amy Shamblen
Image by Petr Vyšohlíd

spiritual dignity

In a world that can be combative based on what you believe, we understand that many have been harmed by religious institutions and ideologies. This kind of mistreatment and judgment can be an extremely painful experience, whether you are religious or not. Religious trauma + spiritual abuse are very real experiences that can leave victims feeling damaged and confused. At Thrive Therapy Maryland, we open our sessions to be a place where you can discuss and unpack your experiences exactly as you are: with the support + comfort of therapists who want to see you whole. We want to foster a safe place where you can process, heal, and learn to trust yourself + the world once again. Whether you adhere to a religion or no religion at all, your spiritual perspectives and experiences are welcome in the counseling room: as much or as little as you prefer. We believe all faiths are worthy of dignity and respect. Our Clinicians will not try to "convert" you or discuss your life from any worldview other than your own.

If you ever have an experience with a Clinician or Staffmember that you feel did not reflect these values, please email so we can address this issue and grow.

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